Sat 15th Sept 2007

So today i had a great time with my girlfriend, Earlier this week i'd bought absolutely loads of clothes and makeup. Today i was in a proper girly mood so decided to get dressed up to chill out around the house. Well soon enough my gf was in a proper girly mood too and she did my makeup and hair (again).

I now call her Samatha's stylist lol... she showed me how to make my eyes look all sexy and helped me achieve a really great nightime look. She took these pics whilst putting my makeup on cos she thought it'd be nice to put them on my website so other girls might learn from them.

So in this set of piccy's im wearing my new pink vest/jumper from Primark and it only cost about £6 (who says fashion cant be cheap?) My new camo-denim skirt also primark for about £8 my sexy pink and black high heels which you know from some older pics. I love my new earrings, big huge chunky metal things that clang around when you move, they are a real reminder that you are wearing them lol.

Makeup is the usual Kryolan paint stick foundation with the kryolan setting powerder. Then my blusher is a dark pink that belongs to my gf. Hot pink eyepowder from superdrug (2for a fiver) i also got a purple one too maybe next pics i'll try that colour. Black shadow for the outer part of my lids and a little bit of white shadow just below each eyebrow above the socket. Black eyeliner on each lid and Black mascara to finish the eyes off.

Lips are simply a bit of lipliner and lipstick, im still using that Kate Moss advertised lipstick which plumps the lips up and gives a tingly feeling. When my gf did my own hair she made it look wicked and i reckon it totally suits me:) I did notice one really scary thing though when i was looking through the pics on my computer... In some of them i look just like my sister...eek how scary is that!?

I actually think these are my best pics ever... i really dont think i have any better pics if you disagree then i'd love to know:)

So.. yeah i know i said i might be going to either BNO or Angelic this weekend, i actually chickened out cos its about 200miles round trip and i've never been that far dressed before... so im really sorry i chickened out:( ... However i will try to make the next one and i'll be bringing my personal stylist (aka my gf) with me lol.

See ya next time

Luv Samantha xXx

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