Mon 24th Dec 2007
Hiya everyone... Guess you weren't expecting an update so soon after the last one (sarcastic laugh:)

I'm really sorry its been a while since I wrote my diary... Life has been a little bit hellish for a while. Unfortunately I have had a couple of family deaths to deal with so my mind has been kinda elsewhere.

I have been out a few times though since I last updated... Quite a while ago (september I think) I met up with an online friend from TVchix, Amy. We met at the lions on market square one very chilly afternoon and we walked around town for ages having a great chat. I even has another "first time" experience... I went into McDonalds and got a drink... (Shocked gasps of amazement from you all I hear heheh)... Its not much I guess but as I'd never done this before it was exciting. The only thing that I would say about this experience was that had I not been feeling confident then my good experience wouldve beena bad one... Let me explain:

So I walked in looking all fab and chic (not at all tarty) think casual like next catalogue... Anyways I walk upto the counter and asked the girl serving, who upto to second I spoke mustve thought I was a real girl, cos when I spoke she nearly burst out laughing... Infact all the time she was serving me she had her lips tightly pressed together like she was suppressing her laughter. Now I know that had I not been feeling confident I wouldve nearly cried but I just was not bothered at all.... It never even bothered me. She was a young girl and I just smiled and winked at her to let her know I found the whole scenario quite funny too. She was actually really nice and didn't mean any harm but I'd like to think that by me smiling along with her it made light of the obvious uncomfort she was having lol.

So anyway that was probably the only thing I did in september (sorry I didn't take any piccys). My next adventure was in the boring form of me buying more clothes and shoes but as I wasn't dressed then its a bit boring so I won't go there....

Errrr..... What else have I done?..... Errr.... Ok so the other day just before xmas I went to the MAC counter and had a great chat with one of the girls about foundation.... I wasn't dressed, I was in my lunch break from work and I just browsed the makeup and she asked me if she could help.... Now I have never been brave enough to say that it was for me until now so I just said "I'm looking for some really good foundation" I pre empted the question of who it was for by saying that I usually used kryolan but it was kinda thick and I should try a lighter foundation but one that covers as well.

Well she was really kind and tried a few shades on my cheek and then I bought one .... It was a great experience and another first for me so thanks to the blond haired girl at the MAC counter in debenhams leicester.
I went out on xmas eve for a little drive and a wander but as it was chucking it down with rain I kept my outing short. I really just wanted to try my new makeup and shoes out hehe check out my piccys, my gf took them when I got back home. My hair isn't as good as when my gf does it I'm still trying to get the hang of not using a wig. Lol

my gf was saying to me the other day that we should go out together maybe to pink punters, so I'm gonna try to arrange it for january08.... What would be the best event to go to? I'm thinking either Angelic or BNO ... I'm not really into dancing but would like to meet other girls and partners to chat to. I have a friend and her partner who live near me so maybe I can see if they'll go with us ( hi katie, hi catgirl) xx fancy going to pink punters in jan? Lol heheh xxx

Anyways gotta go, sorry for the delayed update but thanks for all the emails I got in the meantime xx

Samantha xXx

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