Mon 3rd Sept 2007

Another wow... its been ages since i last spent a little bit of time as Samantha... its been too long really, i reckon i have had withdrawal symptoms from not dressing lol.

I was home alone tonight my gf was out for the night and the plan was to do some DIY, but when i looked at my make up box, begging me for some fun i knew i couldn't resist :) ... So i got myself all dolled up and sat watching telly for a bit, i really wasnt bothered about going out... its funny how i felt quite nervous and self concious about how i looked... i think its because i've hardly dressed for a few months, the old nerves kicked in when i thought about going out.

So i decided to have a play with the liquid eyeliner again, those who recall my last attempt where i nearly blinded myself well done for remembering:) This time however i was prepared and i had a steady hand... a little bit at a time is the trick to this type of application.

I took some piccys of my new shiny dayglo yellow shoes which are uber-cool and my mega new Fendi Spybag, dont ask how much it cost or where i got it from cos i ain't telling :p

So once again sorry i have been offline for a while, thanks for everybody's messages and emails:) i am now back on the scene a bit more xxx

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