WoOoOoOoOoOo .... Its Friday 13th!! (of October that is)

So i decided when i got in from my work at the noodle mine that i would try my new Veet hair removal mousse... its the one that doesn't wash off in the shower, Well i thought it wasn't going to work and that it would be shit, BUT... its amazing and it works. Its the green tube if anyone's gonna go and buy it. the downside is the cost at about a fiver! wow.

So i get ready and plump my boobs up with tape and away i go...

My GF bought me these two tops and they are the most colorful thing i own. They go with my sexy black and pink heels, She says it was planned but i know it wasn't hehe.

So my GF grabs my camera (i must add at this point that my gf now thinks she is David Bailey when it comes to photography)... So in pic7 (bottom right) i look quite scared, thats because she has climbed on a table the size of a shoe box and looks like its gonna collapse any second.

Its really great to be able to share thoughts and conversations with someone at last. Also not having to balance the camera on a dog poo bin to take pics of oneself in the park is just a bonus!

Ok... the guestbook.. Sorry but "guestbook depot" they decided that they were gonna be shit and stop doing free guestbooks cos of the spam? How stupid is that? How can a harmless tin of processed meat bring a website down? I hope you prefer my newer design, it has taken me nearly all day to change it cos i am a bit slow on dreamweaver:(

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