Friday 3rd November  
Thanks Katie & Kat...

So i've been emailing a local girl to me for a while now her name is katie and we decided to meet up in real life... yay .... So i went along to her house and we had a nice chat. I met her gf who made me feel welcome too. I have to say i kinda expected it to feel a little bit weird but apart from me being a little bit of nervousness (which after chatting for about an hour went away) it was so cool to be all dressed up chatting with friends.

So we are definately gonna meet up again soon and ill probably bring my gf along too.

I was kinda luck today as my new white boots arrived:) ok so they are a tiny bit chavvy but they go so well with my new white jacket and tight jeans. OK so i looked totally chavvy but who cares, im getting much more experimental with my clothing since my gf keeps buying cool new stuff for me to wear.

This week my gf surprised me with loads of new clothes, plenty of new tops that are casual but really fashionable, the kind that go with anything. So i have bought her a present too (its a usb memory stick) ... teehee ok so its not very glam... and you cant wear it, but as i did lose her last one i owed it her anyway:)  

So in the last couple of weeks i have spent about £250 on Samantha ... clothes and stuff so i need to curb my spending for a while but whilst i am getting more confident in myself, so is my dress sense.

Check out this thing i found on another girl's website... how cool is that?! thanks Becky xx

I am planning to go to the chameleons thingy again soon which will be nice and i have signed up to the Roses Forum aswell as was advised from a chamleons girl... i have to say its a great site and really easy to use. but anyway i gotta go and sort out meeting my friend Angela...yay xx

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