Sat 17th May 2008

So tonight i had a couple of hours spare and thought i'd give my new boots an outing...
er.... not that you can see them in any of the pics i took...d'oh!

So anyways i got myself ready in about 30 minutes which is pretty much my record lol

I took these pics before and after i went out, I just went for a little walk through town and
was only out for about 45 mins, Long enough to totally fall in love with my new boots...

They have a rubber sole like a pair of trainers so they have loads of grip and are dead soft... if
i could wear them in boymode i would they are so comfy:)

I do however need to learn how to properly style my own hair, i'm close and i kinda know what look
im after but i just don't know how to actually do it.

Short update i know... but check my blog out as i update there much more than i update here x x

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