Sunday 1st June 2008  

Hiya everybody...

So today i went a bit mad and spent all day taking pics and trying new stuff out i'd bought over the past few weeks.

The pics on the left were inspired by the punky sk8r girlz i see everyday in the town centre, i need to do a little bit more work to my hair. Im thinking about getting it styled a little bit more spikey but retaining the length... its down to my chin at the front and my neck everywhere else.

The pics on the right were a little bit more casual, in fact 6 hours after taking these pics this afternoon im sat writing this still wearing everything in pic8 (bottom right).... Oh and also a wicked pink scarf that my girlfriend bought me on her shopping trip kewl is she?

So im gonna upload a few extra ones on my flickr site if you wanna see more:)

Luv Samantha xxXXxx

ps... check my new toy out.... oooooooooh... its dead shiny and fast:)

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