Thurs 13th March 2008

So... its been a while since i last updated... not for lack of wanting to update but rather a case of nothing to say, I havent done anything, i mean i have done the usual stuff like shopping and stuff but i just dont reckon any of it is website worthy banter:)

Apart from this update... Me and the gf were chatting the other day and i mentioned i wanted to do some more Samantha type stuff and so i decided i would make an effort to do something in the upcoming days/weeks.

The only thing i could think of was a last minute visit to Nottingham Chameleons group, This was Thursday afternoon and very last minute for me... I got home from my work at the salt mine on the Thursday night and had a bloody nightmare getting ready. I needed to do a fair bit as i'd not dressed for ages and i didnt know where i'd strewn everything lol. Anyway where was i? ... Oh yeah, so my gf comes home from work and i asked if she wanted to come to the meeting, she said yes and i then asked if she'd be my makeup/hair /stylist for the next hour to help me get ready, She said yes and set about transforming me from a swan to a ugly duckling... ooops wrong way round, you know what i mean.

So i was looking fab in no time at all and we hopped in the Ferrari and sped off down the road (the meeting takes place every 2nd and 4th thursday at the Temple Centre in Nuthall) so only about 5mins away from Chataux De'Samantha.

Pulling up outside we both confidently walked into a really nice mexican-wave-esque chorus of "Hello's" from all the girls.

So we sat and had a chat with all the lovely regulars, Sandi (the organiser), Daphne and Lynn (YATGB). Anyways im not going to tell the story cos anyone thats been before knows that its a nice place and that you always leave smiling. I thought i'd give my laptop to my gf now and ask her to fill you in....

Q. What did you envision the meeting would be like before going?

A. Not really sure because it was so last minute and I didn't have time to think what it would be like.
From what you'd said before I thought it would be a group of girls sitting and chatting but I wasn't sure how the
girls woul react to a new partner coming along.

hat are your thoughts about the meeting after attending?

A. Everyone was really friendly and relaxed,just like a group of mates meeting for a chat.

Q. Did you feel comfortable going?

A. Yes, I was obviously a bit nervous before I got there but once I was there that feeling soon went.

Q. Was there anything that surprised you?

A. My main worry about meeting other t-girls for the first time was that I'd not have much in common with them or I wouldn't be able to think of anything interesting to talk about. Just because my bf dresses doesn't mean I'll automatically get on with other t-girls straight away/ So I was worried that there might be loads of awkward silences but that didn't happen at all.

Q. Anything else you'd like to add...?

A. I'd just like to thank all the girls there for such a warm welcome and I'll hopefully see them soon and to thank you for taking me along xoxoxox


PS.. Laser hair zapping is going great... I did my french manicure and my gf did the red + black nail art.

See you soon... mwah mwah xxXXxx

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