So its been ages since i posted any pics on here, the reason? i tend to send my new photos straight onto my flickr page or do any quick updates direct on my blog.

So today i figured i would spend a couple of hours on here. ive put some new pics here that wont be found on flickr or on my blog, so i have retained some exclusivity for the dedicated readers of this place lol.

I just signed up to google ads, i found out that apparently you get paid each time a visitor clicks an ad from your site. I always knew about these ads but didnt know it could generate decent amounts of money. Im a regular reader of a blog called I am Livid, its a blog about the comical rantings of "Mr Angry", a guy who comments on everyday stuff, a few months ago i read how he signed up for google ads and made over £100 quid in a week cos he got everyone to click them.

Now i dont need to make that sort of money everyweek but if i made £100 a year then this site would essentially be free...yay

The only downside is that i dont really know how they work so ive only put one banner on my main intro page just to see how it goes, hopefully i wont have ads for stupid stuff like ball bearing manufacturing or moonrocks or something similar. I want good ads for makeup and music and proper girly stuff.

Laser Update:

My last laser session (my 10th one) was back in early November, and that treatment had a few hairs flyin out, well ive not had to shave since then. I get a little tuft of fluff under my chin every so often but other than that i am totally smooth.

i cancelled my appointment for January and i reckon im gonna cancel my 4th Feb appt too. maybe i'll need to go back in March? who knows. its just wicked knowing that i can just put makeup on whenever i feel like it, i can get out of bed in a morning and get ready to go out any time i feel like it. I used to have to plan ahead 24hrs so i could be smooth but not sore if you know what i mean.

Luv Samantha xxXXxx

ps... its snowing so im off out to make a snowtranny, this requires the use of 2 carrots but also a fantastic pose and a wig x

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