Feb 24th, 2004

Well today was one of the best days ever! I write this just before jumping into a nice relaxing bath and after the longest time i've ever spent as Samantha.

Last night i realised that i had never woke up and gone straight into girl mode, So last night i picked out what i was gonna wear, put all my make up and stuff out and just went to sleep in my silky nightie.

When i woke up at around 7am i got up and put on my makeup, found a really nice nail polish and put myself together. Well by 8am i was ready to go out, Sat on my bed in my coat with my handbag over my shoulder and had to wait till my family went out to work, luckily it was only 30mins wait but i was getting quite warm. I took some photo's then retouched my makeup and just walked out of my front door. One year ago i would have been hovering around the front door for ages before venturing out but not this time. This time i knew i looked OK so i just went for it.

I went to my local park as per usual just for a walk around, I thought i'd walk through the park and into the edge of my little town and nip in to the Public ladies toilets (cos i had never been in there). Anyway i had walked 30 paces into the park and saw a girl walking towards me, As she got within 10 metres of me she said "Fucking `ell, Its you!" (for those who have not read my biog you should do this now) It was one of the girls i met about a year ago, She was really cool again and said i looked even better than last time and wished me well.

So i said bye to her and had a smile on my face, It was a great way to start the day. I walked to the toilets and did my lipstick in the mirror and set back to go on another adventure somewhere else.

I walked back through the park and then this young kid (about 12-14years old) started wolf whistling at me on his bike. I carried on and after about 5 mins realised he was stalking me. I beckoned him over (he must've thought "great an older girls want me") He looked surprised when he heard me say `go away' in a blokes voice and he scarpered (he's probably scarred for life now but if i were a real girl then he would've scared her)

I went back home and took a few more piccy's and then got changed.

My new plan was to go into the heart of my town centre and see if i was brave enough to go into some shops. OK so now im in the town centre and its fairly busy its about 11am and all the kids are off school and all the folk are shoppping. I decided to have a look around a shop or two so i nervously opened the door of this charity shop and no-one spotted me as a boy so i confidently had a look around, found a nice new top and the shop was empty so i wandered over to the counter. This is where it got interesting... I expected the elderly lady to serve me but instead she said: "Roy,(or whatever his name was) come and serve this young lady"... Out wandered a young 12-14yo boy obviously helping his gran out whilst off school. He didn't instantly spot me but he wouldn't shut up! He kept asking me questions like would i like a bag? and things like how would you like your change? and he was sooooooooo slow. he did figure i was a bit different but like i stated in my BIOG page, people are curious but not overly bothered by the site of a convincing TV (its only when ur dead slutty and obvious that people make an issue) Anyway i said thanks and left with my lovely new jumper-dress. Which i'll be wearing out on my next adventure.

I came out of the charity shop and as im walking down the street TRADGEDY!!!! oh no! my heel breaks on my gorgeous new denim ankle boots. I sit down on a bench examine my heel and it gets worse!!! I then realise that im sat down next to my old neighbor who know me really well.... What do you do? I just walked off without saying a word but i am 99.9% sure i didn't get spotted by him.

Back to my car and change my boots to some more comfy ankle boots and had a brainwave. Why not use this oppertunity to buy more boots from local shoeshop. I walk to the shop and its empty, the assistant is displaying shoes near the back and i'm browsing for new boots near the front. I would reccomend this to all like me and experience this its great. At my own leisure i picked various shoes and boots out and sat and tried them on. The assistant didn't spot me and after not finding anything like my gorgeous old ones i left.

As im walking back to the car an old bloke says "`scuse me miss, but where is......?" some road i don't know. I just pointed down a random street and said over there quietly. Cruel cruel me i know!

I then came home and thats the end of todays adventures.

Next time i think i am going to go into the city centre in Notts and see how brave i am there, although i already suspect it'll be easier to blend in there compared to my small `po-dunk' town:)

My next adventure will be next wednesday 25th Feb, so if any of you want to meet up and test our nerves in Notts together then get in touch. I go out as early as poss in the morning cos i have to be back before my family returns from work at around 4pm.

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