May 12th 2004

I was going to go out today but i was having one of those `bad-make-up' days. I bought some new stuff earlier in the week and thought i'd try it out today.

I hate my new foundation it seems to wear off like zombie flesh leaving me with a horrible looking finish. My new powder is a horrible shade and my new liqiud eyeliner nearly blinded me... oh well at least i now have some piccy's of my new pink shoes!!!! :)

I have become slightly addicted to ebay recently and have signed up with the PAYPAL service, it makes things loads easier than having to send cheques etc... but... is it too easy??? I just keep bidding and winning, bidding and winning and bidding and winning...and then paying...Arghhh!!! my visa bill is HUUUUUuuuuge!!

Still i now have a lovely pair of pink high heels for a fiver, A new denim skirt for a couple of quid and loads of other clothes that dont fit and dont suit me :(

These pic's were done very quickly in the jitty at my house and i was planning to go out but felt horribly ugly :( Does anyone know of a really good foundation that covers unsightly hairs and bumps and shadows etc??? help me if you do please.

Anyway after a quick change and a hot shower im now off out to the pub with my girlfriend. so bye for now x

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