Fri 28th Jan 2006

Well its Friday night......

My girlfriend has just got ready and is looking really foxy and it inspired me to get dressed up myself.

I have to say im not used to going out whilst its dark, being more of a daytime tgirl, I put a bit more makeup on than usual cos i figured i'd get away with it. (i did).

I took a few of these pics at home and i am really trying to perfect my pouty-close-up shot, hence why there are a lot of these shots here! :)

Ceiling Peepcam lol

New Skirt, New Boots, New underwear, but love that top!

I wandered up into Eastwood town centre and very quickly grabbed the attention of Chavscum driving there battered old ford fiesta's and vauxhall corsa's at a million miles an hour up and down the high st tooting their horn at girls.

Its a bit flattering but i understand why girls dont bat an eyelid cos it felt a bit like i was "on show" and i certainly didnt want to attract more attention than i needed to!

As i was vainly looking at my reflection in a shop window 3 drunk girls all aged around 25? singing walked passed me ans one of them stopped to check her hair in the same reflection, she grabbed my arm and said c'mon babe join in....

So im linked arms with 3 drunken girls walking down the high st on a fri night ... They hadn't even noiced that i wasnt a girl. I walked for about 100yards with them and they broke linked arms so there was 2 in front and me and this other girl walking behind, She asked me if i was meeting someone at one of the pubs, i shook my head, terrified to speak and give the game away. Anyway as we stopped i finally spoke and asked if she could tell i was a tgirl? She was dead surprised and said you cant be... you've got tits, LMFAO.

I told her they were DIY ones and she complimented me on everything which was very very flattering and made me feel happy.

Its imes like this i wish that my GF knew about Samantha cos i would love for us to go out together, but its the typical scenario... tell her and do i lose her???? hence why i must keep my secret just like spiderman. lol

Anyway went home after that cos i was cold and figured i couldnt get any happier.

Feb update coming soon i promise:)

Samantha x x x

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