Wed 4th Jan 2006

Happy New Year to one and all!

Not much to report on this the first day out in 2006...

I shaved my legs utterley smooth this morning and they look wicked and feel wicked too.. Not too sure how my girlfriend will react to them.

Here's some pics i took with my new tiny camera which fits into my new handbag just perfect!

I wanted to aim for the "girl-about-town" / "office girl" look, What do you think? i reckon i pulled it off quite well.

I did however break my rule no.1 .... i put too much makeup on and didnt quite realise. I spoke to some random girl out walking her dog and she complimented my outfit but also noticed that i overdid the makeup. I actually really appreciated her for telling me cos on this occassion i probably wouldnt have noticed till i got back home.

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