Wed 1st Feb 06

Another Wednesday daytime..

Well i expected a bit of a boring one today cos nobody would come out to play but it turned out quite cool.

I ressurected my old long brown hair wig, I spent about £40 on some new clothes and I won some new boots on ebay.

I didnt get ready until about 2pm and by 3pm walking through town in my new cutoff jeans and new boots and new top. I wore my long hair wig today just out of nostalgia really.

OK the best part of today... I was on my way home walking through the park and as two paths met at the gate of the park there were 2 girls walking, one of which was one of the girls i met ages ago.

We had a nice little chat and she complimented me on my look which meant a lot cos she's a hotty.

I gave her this website address so hopefully she will stop by and say hi.

That was it really cos after that i just came home and relaxed in a very very happy mood.

I usually have wednesdays off of work so if anyone wants to meet next wednesday or any otherwed, then please drop me an email, So long as you can either get to Notts or dont live a million miles away then please get in touch.

Just recently i have started to get lonely when out and im ready for the next step which is to start meeting new people.

Anyway gotta go, cya l8r

Samantha x x x

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