Fri 2nd Feb 2007

Wow... today was cool... i got to wear my new boots, my new skir,t my new top, some new makeup... And best of all i think i've taken some wicked piccies. I had a bit of a nightmare last night with the pre-tranny ritual of shaving so close and giving myself THE WORST shaving rash... i was a bit narked about this pain so the next day when i was chatting to a friend she suggested something i'd been wondering about for a while. Dr.Evil says Lay-Zerr Beamz, The lady on the phone called it quick and painless, Katie calls it PAIN PAIN PAIN, but i thought it felt no worse than lastnights shaving pain lol. I had a quick test patch done on my top lip and then because that didnt really hurt much she continued round to my chin and my cheeky chops. I left thinking that wasnt too bad and hopefully the makeup will go on smoother now too:)

I got back home and kinda minced around the house for most of the day, but i did finally drag my lazy ass away from the laptop and did finally get ready to go out... I was lookin fab in no time at all so took a few pics, Whilst out i took a few wide eyed lookin pics too.

I'm Starting to like this going out lark more now at night cos i can be a bit lazy and not do everything so perfectly, although i still do try my best when possible. Anywaysi went out for a bit and i have to say my new Primark boots are mega comfy, I walked around for about 20 mins or so and was starting to get bored until a fight broke out between 2 boys at the chippy that kept me entertained for a while, the police turned up and arrested them both and started quizzing witnesses... Yep you guessed it, i was outta there like a speeding bullet! no way was i making Samantha the subject of a court case lol ... unless its Judge John Deed hee hee:)

So my gf has done a wicked job of makin me look more sexy and she did my eyebrowz the other night, this weekend she's going to help me with a few piccies for the magazine article that BellaJay has asked me to do... yay. I feel so lucky to have a gf that thinks she's David Baileys counterpart :) Joking asside some of my bestest pics have had her behind the lense. I'll update some more piccys when they're done:)

So.. yeah that was today really... Top shopping tip.. Earrings from Primark that look like fruity polos they are well sexy and fashionable. ... Of course i have taken a couple of new piccys for my new "Samantha Does..." section! How is that going down? i was asked by peeps to do something unusual and i cant help but put a humurous spin on the whole thing lol.
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