Fri 19th Jan 2007
Brr.. its cold !

Well, i was gonna go out to the pub last night but with all the windy weather i stayed home instead. I went out today though on a bit of a shopping trip... Only round my local town but it had everything i wanted so no point in going into Notts and having to pay the stupid meter machines every hour. I just walked up town and had a wander round.

So im sat on this bench adjusting my shoe cos it was rubbing my poor little tootsies too much and this woman comes out of nowhere and offers me a plaster !?! Not sure what to make of this i just kinda looked at her all weird and "vacant" she then embarked on this barrage of nonsense about how she was in the war and her foot nearly fell of or something equally boring.

I told her i didn't need a plaster and i'd be ok and although a bit olde she seemed quite nice, it was a genuinly nice moment i guess cos she never once saw me as anything other than a girl... In hindsight, i kinda feel bad now for pinching her pension money.. heh heh (just kidding!)

So i got home and try on a few of my new bits and took a few piccys. I have done my first proper "sexy" piccy too and im not really into all of those naked slut kind of pics but its quite bluury so i thought it seemed a bit artistic and im happy to post it. Im not gonna do naked requests so dont even bother to ask, however i whilst re-doing my site the other week i did realise that my pics are getting a bit "samey" so picture ideas are welcomed. I hope to get some more of me when im next in the pub or somewhere like that. They are always good pics to see i think.

So.. yeah.. anyways... what was i saying?. ..oh right.. Bella Jay has approached me to write a little bit in Repartee magazine. Of course i said yes straight away, its quite an honour really, I dont really see myself as a role model tgirl but i do realise that i have been around for quite a while on the internet and my website has had like over 40,000 hits so i must be doing something right. Not being too literate i had to have a brainstorming session with my gf on what to write, but after i started i just couln't stop, it was so addictive and after a few hours i had a really workable rough draft, which i wont put online or it would spoil the article when it comes out:) Bella seems happy and once i've made a few ammendments and sent a few hi-res piccys i can let my hair down.

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