Thurs 21st Dec 2006
Liversage Arms Pub
Ok so for the past couple of weeks i've been psyching myslef up to take another big step and today was the day that i decided to do it. I went to the Liversage arms pub in Derby cos i knew that there'd be a few other girls there. I got there about 9:30ish and was a little bit nervous about going inside but before i had chance to get too nervous along popped Sandi (again) and dragged me inside, She always seems to rescue me:)

So we went inside and i went to the bar and ordered a coke (yay my first time ), i had a quick look around and noticed a girl i met at the Nuthall meeting last time i went, Yvonne. So i went and sat with her and had a bit of a chat until Sandi called me over. We had a bit of a natter and i met another girl (Nikki) who was a right chatterbox we had similar jackets on and she wanted to hijack my boots ... Anyway before i had chance to do anything else. A realgirl came in called Zoe, she had been driving around for the past 3years looking for the Liversage pub apparently. Im glad she made it cos i was so impressed at how she looked.

I was chatting away to her and her friend and it was like a good 5 mins before i realised she was actually a tgirl. I mean she had the proper hair, fairly low and husky voice but absolutely nothing that gave her away as a guy. ... Infact all night i was trying to think who she reminded me of and as i write this i now remember ... Ever seen American Pie film? Think Stiflers mom but younger:)

Anyways so i had to run off home so left the girls behind but i now know its such a great place to go and all my fears were unfounded. Before i went i wondered if there'd be loadsa weirdo pervy people there trying to hook up with you but the pub was completely tgirl, apart from some guys that were tgirl friendly if that makes sense. A lot of the girls were chatting to them.

I would reccomend going out to this place if you are a first time outer like me, but you gotta make sure you go on a night that other girls are there cos its not a 100% tgirl pub. You just check on the nottschams board and they'll say which night is there. basically its every other thursday.

What do i do next??? Well im gonna try to drag some friends to the Liversage arms (Katie and Angela you listening? :) Then i would like to go to PP in MiltonKeynes or maybe Manchester. Its nice just to go out and meet other people like urself. It feels a bit more secure when your with a pack rather than on your own. You feel like you can do more without worrying if ur going to get picked on. Well thats how it feels to me anyway.

Check out my wicked pics i took tonight

                        ps thanks for checking out the top100 tgirl banner on my links page. i will reach the top10 :) xx

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