4th & 5th Jan 2007
Yay for Angela!

So the other day im on tvchix checking out profiles etc and my online friend Angela Sass drops me a message and asks if im free... well as it occurred since my fab girlfriend keeps encouraging me to dress i took this oppurtunity to meet up. We arranged to meet Thursday night in Notts somewhere in the city centre. ...So anyways i got back from work yesterday and started to get ready, we arranged to meet at 930 in Hockley. I went for the Miniskirt . pattern tights and Black knee boots combo with my sexy white puffa jacket.

Top marks for prompt arrival Angela! exactly 9:30pm i was checking some clothes out and saw Angela walking down the hill to me. I must say chick you looked fab i felt so comfortable to be out with you, ur so realistic. ... So we had a walk around town which was nice cos we got to finally chat properly and it was great when these flyer-hander-outer guys aked "clubbing tonight girls?".. heh heh that was kewl! anyway i reckon that we didn't get spotted at all.

I must say that i am enjoying going out more in the night, and i used to be such a daytime girl :)

I got back home from meeting Angela and had a evil ear-ache, and i think im coming down with something so im planning to stay in bed all day today (fri) but i woke up feeling great! So i thought i'd play dressup a bit more and try some of my wigs out and take some piccy's ... well anyways i found out that my newest really dark wig i though was really shitty, actually really suited me it just needed a bit of "distressing" to make it look a bit more real and not so perfect. (handy tip there girls!)

So i tried on my human hair wig which is the short and wavy one and i thought i looked like a proper geeky girl so that one got thrown back in the Samantha "stuff to sell on ebay" bin. I tried my blonde/chestnut long one next which was nice but its a bit like the one i usually use. I tried my long curly one which looked really really shit so i doubt i'll ever wear that one again... hell that one nearly made it into my wheelie bin... The last one i tried was my new nearly black one... well a bit of shaking and ruffling up made it look wicked so i decided to go out for a bit wearing my new lovely hair:)

I wanted to say a quick thanks to everybody that clicks my top100 tgirl link from my website, i have made it into the top 20! wicked... I have had some top suggestions for improving my site and i think the main one was that everybody wanted more updates... and a new feature called "Samantha Does..." so my first installment can be found here

Ok so my next trip out will more than likely be to the Livisage Arms pub in a couple of weeks, anyone wanna join me? Ok so anyone wondering theres a piccy of a dog poo bin at the top of the page??? well that dog poo bin is where i rest my camera when im out on my own and i need to take a piccy:) so there!

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