Fri Oct 22nd, 2004      

OK ... so are you sitting comfortably?

I have just had the best experience of my life ever!

My girlfriend told me she was going out with her friends so i thought whilst she was out having fun then so shall i.

I got all my clothes together in a bag and put just my foundation and a little bit of eye makeup on and then at around 9pm sneaked out of my house, while my family blisfully sat watching tv. I got in the car and drove somewhere where i could get dressed properly. once i was all complete i thought i'd just walk around for a while in Eastwood. so i went to the local park (again) and wandered around but because it was dark i was a bit scared, especially as a bus driver parked his bus and got out and walked towards me, i didn't know if he was just stretching his legs or wanted me so i walked away... briskly:)

I got back in the car and drove around a bit, It was starting to rain so i was kinda pleased as this would give me a chance to use my brand new brolly. Anyway if you have read the rest of my site you probably know that i have hardly ever met anyone whilst dressed, This was about to change, After driving back into Eastwood i parked up and went for another walk along the high st. I needed my brolly so im walking along and stopped to cross a road and i look to my left and there is this really cute girl just crossing, I said hi and asked if i looked ok? she said i looked ok and i offered to walk with her, she didn't have a brolly and was getting soaked. She was a little drunk and was a bit upset aswell so we both walked along under my brolly in the rain talking. I didnt think she realised i wasn't a real girl and we were chatting away. She linked arms with me and i felt great, This was the best experience ever, here i am walking, as a girl, with another cute girl on my arm on the way to a pub. I felt really feminine.

So we exchanged phone no.s and she tried to get me to go into the pub with her but i wasn't that confident. We posed for a quick photo on the way and giggled a bit. She seemed a bit upset about a boy but i told her she was a nice person and looked great and she should be happy. We hugged a bit and she tried to get me into the pub again. At this point i still wasnt sure if she knew my secret, so i asked her and she said she kinda knew before but it didnt bother her. aww ... she is so sweet, we hugged again and i thanked her for a really nice chat and she told me if i ever want to go out with another girl dressed then i should call her. I will definately call her soon cos it would really give me confidence, and what `girl' doesn't want a real girl to get makeup tips and fashion advice from?

So thats it really, after that i drove around a bit and took a few more photos, i did speak to another woman that night but only briefly, I was standing around and she asked me if i was ok and i said `yes, i feel great' and then i asked her if she could tell i was a boy and she said no, I felt even more happy.

So thats it, I got to wear my new round-toe high heels tonight which was nice but totally overshadowed by meeting the nicest person i have ever met in my life. Thank you Emma x x

ever met in my life. Thank you Emma x x

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