December 2004        

Well these are the piccy's taken on Wed 7th Dec. I had a whole day off work and decided to make the most of it.

I got ready fairly quickly and went straight out to my local shopping haunt. I had a lovely time looking around the shops and bought some new make-up and a new hair brush. The lipstick is ab-fab! It is the new one that Kate Moss advertises and it is supposed to make your lips tingle and plump up... the thing is it really works! i was so surprised cos i would have been happy if it just looks good but after about 2 mins my lips felt like they had pins and needles and felt bigger. So that is my new fave thing in my bag.

I Wore my new skirt, my new top and my new bag and i love the look. i recently bought a new digital camera and it is mega so these piccys are my best quality yet to date and i am really pleased with the result.

Later in the day i met up with another `girl' i had emailed a few times on the internet and we had a nice chat and it was nice to be able to talk about things that i had never talked with anyone else about. This girl is quite a bit older than me so im sure there was a bit of apprehension when we met but she was really really nice and i felt very comfortable (apart from the cold... i was freezing my nipples off!)

On a change of note the RealGirl i met a couple of months ago, Emma has not got back in touch, im not that sad about it because im sure one day ill get to relive the whole experience with somebody else.

Hopefully i will get to go out again in the new year, however my personal circumstances will make it quite difficult. I shall reveal more next time.

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