29 May 2004

Well ... It was around 8:30pm Saturday, and im home alone.

Girlfriend at work,, family out till around midnight... Hmmm just got some new makeup and clothes... loads of clothes (my sister had a massive bag of clothes to throw away so i intercepted some of them:)

Ok so i decided to just try some on i had no plans to go out at all but once i had put my new Kryolan Paint stick foundation on i couldn't stop there and so quickly got ready... Unbelievably i was ready for 9:20 (My Girlfriend who is dead pretty can't even get ready this quick and she doesnt have to apply warpaint with a trowell!)

I tried on my new jeans and skirts and then opted for one of my fave looks... Pointy ankle boots, tight jeans, tight top and tight jacket.

I walked downstairs opened the front door locked it behind me and walked away from my house... No hiding behind the curtains to see if the coast was clear :) It was getting dark so i knew i would never be spotted as a bloke. I never usually go out at night, infact it was the first time in around a year ive done it, So my confidence was higher.

I walked for about 10 minutes and passed a couple of girls on the way to the pub and thought i'd do my fave trick. I waited till they had walked past me and i then because i know ive not been spotted i ask them how i look or ask them what they think. So far whilst dressed this is the only way i get to talk to other people and i love it when they look all surprised!

Anyway the 2 girls walked back to me and were giggling and said wow i looked dead natural and not like the typical tranny stereotype. I said thanks and walked away. One of them ran after me and offered to take me to the pub with them but i was way too nervous (and the thought of running into my family who were doing the pub-run) so i said maybe another time.

I walked off and was about 15mins away from home when my sis phoned and asked if i'd like some takeaway, she was on her way and would be home in about 10 mins !!!!!! Arghhh!!! Loads of panic!!!

I told her not to rush and i then walked very very briskly home, Surprisingly my boots don't make my feet / ankles ache at all, i think im now used to them. Anyway i got in, tore all my clothes off, hid them, ran a bath, got rid of the perfume smell in my bedroom.

I was sweating bucketloads but on a good note my new Fryolan foundation didn't even alter. i was so impressed i grabbed my camera and even in the face of suddenly being found out i took the piccy's above.

I was so impressed with the new makeup that i will not ever go back to using anything other than Kryolan, bye bye Maybelline and Revlon :) Infact it was quite hard to get of even with a power shower. it also left my skin feeling very very moisturised for ages (even my girlfriend commented on my smooth sexy skin) if only she knew how i got it :)

Anyway bath complete... back into male mode... sister walks in as i get myself a drink... Timed to perfection... JUST!

Im a bit depressed now cos i am really busy this summer and probably wont get to be dressed for another month now. I hope to go out down Nottingham city centre One night next month. fingers crossed and see you all soon.

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