Friday 23rd March 2007

Hmmm, i guess i ought to start out with a bit of an apology really... Sorry to you guys that i havent been online, or updated my site for a while. I've been in one of those moods that we all get from time to time, ya know the sort... Where you cant be bothered to dress, then you dont dress, then you cant be even more bothered to dress...etc... Its a vicious circle.

Anyways i guess i have broken free again today and although my original plan for the day was to slob out on the sofa eating chocolate and playing on my xbox it didn't end up as planned... For a start although i tried to have a lie in bed, I still woke up well before 9am so went and killed a bit of time, Checked my emails logged onto chix and a few other sites to see what was happening. So im browsing around and saw a few peeps new pics and then on MTV was like some hour of "foxy chicks sing songs" themed hour. After about 10 minutes i was so inspired to dress so i thought i would.
OK so last time i dressed up my gf did my makeup and it was wicked so i tried to recreate the same effect and i reckon i did a pretty good job too. I double layered my Kryolan foundation, ie i put it on once then wited about 5 minutes then layered another on top. a quick dose of the powder and it set totally wicked too! So ok i went for the 2 tone eyeshadow next, lighter color first then the darker purple ontop... wow... so far so good im thinking. So then the eyeliner, but this time i smudged the line so it wasnt so defined, just a bit fatter, Not too much im thinking or ill look like a panda bear! lol ... Usual finishing touches ie lipliner and lippy, mascara and blush and im set to go.
As i was rooting through my stuff wondering what to wear i found a couple of wigs i never knew i had. Ok so last month i tried a really black wig and it looked ok but not fab, so when i found a dark brown wig similar style im thinking i gotta try this one on. How many wigs have i got? I threw some out and i still have about 10 wigs, im like Avril Lavignes new video lol... So decided on the office girl look as it is one of my fave daytime looks espesh on a weekday when you can blend in. All set, dressed and ready to go i realise the weather is shit, but what the hell out i went.
So i had a quick wander into Eastwood town centre and checked myself out in the toilets, which are dead handy cos they are at the end of the town so i can touch my makeup up or redo my hair before going round town itself. So looking ok i take a couple of snaps and continue into town. First stop Boots chemist to have a look at some makeup... Im browsing round the makeup section and theres about 300 staff all behind the counter... Im thinking "good thing im not a nervous first time out tranny or they would make me self concious" This assistant comes up and asks if i need a hand and usually i would just smile and whisper back no thanks, but this time i asked her if she had any MAC cosmetics cos i'd heard they are really good. She didnt seem at all phased if she realised at all and said i'd need to go into town for proper makeup as the stuff in small towns was a bit poo.
So i left and headed into Peacocks where i found some wicked looking shoes but i keep telling myself i already have too many, last count about 20 pairs. So i left quickly before i tempted myself into buying them. One thing i noticed whilst on the way home was that although i liked my new hair it was bloody annoying being that length, it kept blowing in my face and smudging my lipstick grrr. So i went home and changed hair to my Angelica wig... i still love that wig, its my fave.

So i went back out this time into Notts city centre and had a wander round the new square that they've just spent 7 million quid on.... err... i couldnt find any diamond encrusted slabs so i reckon the construction crew must have been on £10,000 a day cos i cant see how it was that much!! Anyways i went to the MAC counter in vic centre but this time i chickened out of talking to the girls. (See... i still get shy) So i wandered into Schuh and very nearly spent £60 on some high heels, i tried them on and everything and they looked wicked in the full length mirror (i wish i took a piccy). But the size7 i tried on was way too big and i left before i found out if they had a 6... good move Samantha... my money is safe from another shopping trip. Next stop home.

So that was my day... oh i had to go to the garage to get my car looked at but instead of getting all changed i just took my makeup off and left everything on under my normal clothes, boobs n everything... kewl... Nobody noticed but it did make me a bit self aware of my tits under my jacket. We'd all like a big pair of boobs to play with anytime we want but the reality is that they would be bloody hard to conceal in day to day life heheh.

Samantha xXx

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