Sunday 8th April 2007

Ok so today im running on autopilot... having only had 4 hours sleep in the last 2 days cos of work, i get home at 8:30am this morning and decide to get all tarted up for the day. My girlfriend suggested we go out somewhere so off we went to battle through the bank holiday traffic... Actually it wasn't too bad but as we were heading into the peak district it wasnt like a standard sunday either!

Anyways we went into Belper to the water gardens, well for the first time ever i felt a bit of panic as we walked into the park... i realised that there were a lot of people around and although i was with my gf i felt a bit too nervous and i panicked. I asked if we could go back. Truth be told i was feeling a little "under par" today... Obviously i was tired through the lack of sleep but i also felt a bit poo because my makeup was a bit rough around the edges compared to normal. We got back into the car and headed back.... It was a nice drive even if i didn't end up seeing the water gardens!

We got home and i took a couple of pick outside the house and then went inside... I took my wig off and my gf did my real hair... Now this is the first time EVER, that anybody has played with my hair.... its so relaxing isnt it? So after about 10 mins she had finished. Now this is the first time i done my real hair in a girly style.... i nearly cried when i saw it in the mirror, I couldnt believe that in 10mins she made it look like it does... I mean wow! what do you think of it? I felt really confident with it and even thought about going out. I didnt go out but next time i will. I reckon another 3 months and it'll be as long as i need it to properly style it.

A few outfit changes and a couple of extra piccys and i felt even more tired but so happy too. Like i said its the first time i ever had my real hair done... I can see so much potential now to style it so kewl!!!



Ok on a different note i found a really cool website the other day called its basically a guy that writes a blog everyday in the style of a grumpy old man, Think Jeremy Clarkson's column, its full of short witty observations and humour, he's been writing it for ages now and theres a huge backlog of blogs to go through. if you want a very quick chuckle then head there.

Been thinkin what to buy next... i reckon its gonna be some new dangly earrings next or probably a new long skirt denim style, but its coming up to summer so maybe ill get a floaty gypsy skirt or something cool...

I've started playing with nail polish nowadays too, I keep practising on my toes and its so relaxing i really would reccomend it if you want to calm down after a hard day at the office:)

I need to head back for another session of laser cos my face is still bloody hairy yuk! There are patches that dont grow but for the most i still have over 75% growth, If i was a guessing girl i would say i need another 5 or 6 sessions to reduce the growth to a makeup happy finish...yay:)

Any requests for "Samantha Does..." ??? ... Post to my blog or email me... the weirder and more humouress the better:)

Samantha xXx

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