Feb 4th 2004  

These pic's were taken before i went for a wander into a local town Ilkeston. During this adventure i went to pay a cheque into the bank using one of those automatic machines inside the branch. I then walked up the hill and did a bit of window shopping.

I dressed very cosy today cos it was raining and it was very chilly, One good thing about dreesing this way is that i can bury my face into my little scarf if i get nervous and think i've been spotted. Although today i didn't get spotted once:)

I felt a bit brave so i actually went into New Look clothes shop and browsed around for about 3 or 4 mins. I felt so confident in how i dressed today that I wished i had more time to be Samantha but alas i had work to attend to.

I hope that every week i have the chance to dress because i know that if i keep on track i will be a lot more confident.

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