Friday 2nd Dec 2005
Oh dear... what a bad day it was out today...

I kinda expected it to be a bit crappy cos of the weather and last night i sat there and thought to myself "how can i progress further?"

I got up and got ready to go out, I left the house around 9am ish, then walked into town, i looked at some shoes in the shoeshop then i looked at some skirts in a clothes shop. I went to the ladies loo for a wee and to do my makeup.

The thing is i just did these few things without batting an eyelid... I am not sure if i have come to the end of this particular chapter of Samantha. There would have been a time where this kinda day would be a fantasy or a dream.

However i felt as though today i was just going out for the sake of it. I did the usual thing and had a chat to a few strangers and got some nice compliments. I stood around for a bit, trying to think up stuff to stop me being bored and all i could think off was to ask another girl how i looked.

I saw my next stranger... a red haired girl around my age. dressed really sexy but casual, i thought she looked quite foxy so i as she walked past me i asked how she thought i looked and she smiled and said i looked fine.

I hid it really really well but inside i was terrified.... why?? i hear you ask....She was only my exgirlfriend who i'd not seen in about 3 years! Argh!!

I retreated in two moods; scared and really happy, after all i had accidently taken the nearly ultimate task of passing to someone who knows you! so at the same time pleased that she obviously didnt recognise me:)

Anyway my heart still racing i went home. On the way home i did achieve another first for me though. I stopped a boy, he must have been around 16/17 years old but not chavvy looking and i asked hime how i looked, did i look like a proper girl, he went bright red and said i looked ok and jogged off.

Anyways a few faithful tgirls out there have emailed me wanting to know how i did my cleavage... so i decided to write it here for all to see:

A few piccys taken with my trusty camera phone:p


DIY Cleavage

Anyway, i got some 3inch surgical tape and taped from under my armpit across my chest (whilst pulling my boobs together and upwards) and taped across to under my other armpit.

Im not sure if its really that easy to do or if i got lucky the first time i tried it!.

I put some foundation on chest and then some loose powder. Finally i used some darker powder to powder a "v" shape from above boobs deep into the bottom of the cleavage. this was the thing that made them realistic not just the 2humps created.

i then just used my jelly boobs in my bra as normal.

Let us know how you get on with this method.