fab feb...

Trying out my new `moody` look

sitting with my fave little pink handbag


i like to wear my specs sometimes, i like how it makes me smarter

Going out looking more glam than normal,

I totally love most of these pics, the first 2 of feb look really casual and just perfect for a slightly chilly day wandering around town. I also like the april pics which i took on my camera phone before i went out one night.

Looking a little too chubby for my liking here

Kewl chick or Blind person?

My fave piccys are just below though and are my most recent (the new ones always seem to be the best) I went out in my new coat and jeans but bought this fab new skirt whilst out and popped into the ladies to get changed. Love the "cosy chick look" at the mo! x x

New Boots!

Ok so i was chatting to my new utterley gorgeous friend Lisa MacCartney on MSN the other day and i soon came to realise that i need to go out with other like-minded girls, clubbin, meal, anything really... ooh shopping would be nice!... I live with my lovely girlfriend but she doesn't know about Samantha which kinda suits me at the mo, but it does limit my dressing somewhat, like i struggle to go out anytime shes at home (which is nearly every night) So thats why i am a daytime girl!

Not cos im dead brave going out in the daylight but cos its the only time possible

Back to the point ... Get in touch lets meet, my schedule is still pretty busy but if i can meet then i definately will meet. (Angela, im sure we'll meet once NASA return our schedules...lol.. private joke there!)

Thanks to the people that regularly look at my site, and for the emails of support, i read my email everyday and love it when i get mail telling me how fab i look :) (dont we al l... girls???).

I know i havent updated my site for ages but my life as a boy took a turn for the better, i am still firmly in t'closet and if i give anything away im sure it'd come back to haunt me. Anyway i got really busy all year till now and i have i little more time for Samantha.