April 28th 2006
Its friday night, and i have some new shoes....hmmm what to do?

Ok so last saturday my GF found out about Samantha... my worst fear. She found out while i was stuck at work, and there was no way of getting home to talk for about 6 hours after she found out.

That was the worst 6hrs of my life... i knew she was upset and although we had spoken on the phone and i felt we'd talked about the important stuff, i just wanted to go home and comfort her.

I got home and we hugged and i mentioned that i thought this was the worst day of my life. We talked for ages about stuff and the usual questions came out... am i gay? do i wanna be a girl? etc.. Once i had reassured her on these matters we talked about me a bit. At this point i can't quite beleive that im talking to my GF about clothes, makeup and asking advice... I remember thinking that maybe it all hadn't sank in yet.

My website has offered her some comfort, other websites can often relate to TV's and then without warning relate to TS's which i admit is confusing.

During our chat i told her that from an early age i didnt think i would change and that i dress for fun, its a part of me. This i think helped, I could imagine that if i wasn't sure of who i was, and what i wanted, then how could she be able to comprehend. Anyway by around 2am... about 4-5 hrs of talking, i told her that this was the happiest day of my life, I wasn't lying, that night i slept like never before.

My Shoe collection... Although missing are the 6 other pairs i dont wear anymore:) and the 2 new pairs i bought this week

Its so nice to be able to talk openly to her, i love showing her my new shoes or asking advice about makeup and stuff.


Ok so these are piccies taken on Fri night... it was nice knowing my GF knew i was out. When she got back and asked me where i went it was nice.

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