Who are you?

You can call me Samantha, Sam, 'S', Her or She,

Never Him, He, Oi, Yo Bro or anything nasty.



What are you?

A short question which leads to a long answer...

The thing is with 'labels' is that sometimes there is not enough to go cover every type of person.

There are Transvestites/Crossdressers (think Eddie Izzard), Occasional dressers, people who dont want feel the need to go all out and look 100% convincing, they just enjoy feeling a little bit feminine by wearing womens clothes.

There are Transsexuals, There are not many examples that regular people would know about because most TS's live in stealth and dont want people to know they used to be male. Most TS's aim to be 100% convincing and usually also have surgery to transform their body.

I didn't choose to be Transsexual, but i embrace it an am not ashamed or embarrassed by it either) I blend in with the regular girls on the street and you probably would never even notice me as i don't stand out.



Why do you dress in womens clothes?

It is so much more than just the clothes, (probably not if you are a crossdresser) but to me it is more about the whole package.

The makeup, the clothes, the mannerisms. It could be a form of escapism i guess but to be honest i just feel normal when im dressed. I dont feel kinky, nor do i get all turned on.

There are some girls within the spectrum that enjoy the fetishistic angle but thats not my thing either.



Are you Gay?

This will depend on your point of view...

If you knew me as a boy before i transitioned, then you might still have an image of me in you mind of me as male. You will therefore view me as Straight (I am attracted to girls)

If you have only known me since my transition then you will only view me as female, and so you will probably view me as Lesbian.

If you are totally confused with the difference between gender and sexuality then you had better simply leave labels out of things. Simply remember that i prefer females!

It is a myth that just because you wear womens clothes you MUST fancy blokes, this is not true for most. Try to understand that Gender and Sexuality are two completely different things.

Gender is appearance related and Sexuality is your preference for a partner. I like to look like a girl and i only get attracted to girls.



Are you a Mac or a PC?

What a stupid question, Mac of course. Why would i want to be a PC unless i actually like to 'de-frag' my computer every other week!?



Where u from?

I live in a small-ish town called Eastwood, Its in Nottinghamshire (UK for my international website visitors)

Eastwood's is known for being the birthplace of famous writer D.H Lawrence. We also have a couple of pubs and a lot of fastfood takeaway shops!



Do you go out much?

Yes, I can often be found on the scene as well as more regular places. I am an irregular-regular visitor at the Nottingham Chameleons nights, I also like to go to Pink Punters which is a scene club in Milton Keynes. Often found at The New Foresters bar in Nottingham. Less interesting are the various other pubs and clubs which are not on the LGBT scene.

Towards the end of 2011 me and a friend of mine started a Trans Night called 'Nottingham Invasion'. We were tired of having to travel outside of the midlands for a night out so we decided to start out own! It's a popular night out and its every month. If you want to come out you can.

Remember it's Dress 2 Impress!



What are your top3 most played songs on your iPod?

oooooh thats a good one, Hang on while i have a look...

1st - Scrillex - Summit feat Ellie Goulding,

2nd - Love Song for No One - John Mayer,

3rd - Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World



What is your 'Look'

Well i like to dress fashionably. I wear whatever is in season.

I have a few designer pieces but mostly it is high st fashion. Just look at what the average girl is wearing and you get the idea.

I'm not really into the tweed twinset or tent-dress look. I dress for my age.



So what do you do?

As in job? I work in the music industry. I make enough money to not be poor but not yet enough to afford a flat in mayfair!

I'm one of those geeky technical people at heart, I sometimes wish i was onstage with the band playing some good music, but 99.9% of the time i earn more money than musicians so don't feel sorry for me:)



What is your fave xbox game?




When did you start dressing?

One of my earliest memories was when i was about 5 years old. My infant school had a dressing up box and remember trying on a tutu. Back then it felt a little bit wrong, like what i was doing was naughty.

As i got older into my teenage years i managed to buy some of my own clothes. Unfortunately i often felt alone and ashamed that i was different. I was confused.

It wasnt until i got on the internet when i was 17 that i realised that there were more people like me and that i wasn't some sort of freak. Now i express myself however i feel and i don't feel ashamed or confused.



So you are 'Out' to everyone then?

Nearly! ....

I have lost touch with a lot of people through the years. Most of my family know. My mum and sister are quite proud of me i think. They often tell people about me. My father hasn't told anybody, i think he feels a little bit awkward. He needs some more time to get his head around things.

Most of my friends know now. Some of them are not aware of how serious being transgender is. They probably just figure I'm a bit 'extravert' but my close friends know, support and understand me.



Any Regrets so far?

Yes, i have a few. (no im not going to start reciting the rest of that Frank Sinatra song:)

I regret not having told certain people sooner. I dont believe it is a big deal that i dress, its like 'so what', i totally dont have any hangups about it. It is not a big deal. The thing is if i started telling people i would feel as though im 'unburdening' myself, but because its not a big deal i dont think it is a 'burden'.



Wow... I've known you for years and i never knew!...

Well dont blame yourself for not really noticing, Don't mistrust me now just because i managed to keep it from you for so long.

Don't take it personally whoever you are. Me keeping it under the radar was my way of dealing with it. I was younger, Definitely unsure of how people would react and also not really knowing if it would end up causing me to lose work, lose friends and lose family.

All that matters now is that you do now know. You may have been told by a friend of a friend, by me or by the rest of the family. However you came to find out just remember one thing... Dont go calling me names behind my back, Any questions just ask me (they can be anonymous via my webform on my website if you wish) and if you wanna go out just let me know.

And if you dont want to have anything to do with me then that is also ok, i shall simply ignore you until the day one of us is dead. If you cannot or will not accept my choices in life then this is your problem, Not mine:)